We are updating our website

Hi Every one we are in the process of renewing some of our websites and upgrading our main site  @ http://www.urddad-foundation.org.uk we also have new sites up @http://www.ultrarare-disease.uk/ http://www.urddad-foundation.co.uk/ http://www.urddad-foundation-please-donate.org.uk/ we look forward in seeing you at our new sites the reason for our new sites is to bring you more up to date information that we hope it will help you to meet up with friends.

We would like you very much to leave your comments as we are grateful to you for taking the time to write them and we can assure you we go through them we also don’t want you to forget that Rare Disease day is very close on the 28th Feb 2017 and we hope you will put on a small event in your back garden, street,park,seaside, it can be held anywhere as long as you hold one and make sure your local newspaper knows about it dont think it has to be a large event just mark the day

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